Monday, November 3, 2008

A letter

Me thinks that it hath been awhile since we last had an exchange of thoughts of a more sedate variety; IM has much in it’s favor I grant, but there is nothing quite so satisfying as taking time to contemplate individual words, stringing them together to make sentences that in turn carry the innermost thoughts, the flavor of the personality crafting them.

I’ve wished I could write lucidly, passionately, meaningfully, alas, this ability seems beyond my reach. My attempts at prose have been, staid I would say with some qualification, that it has be uninspiring closer to the truth. It matters not really, for though I could not write a story, I do believe that I can write a missive of some elegance.

I must tell thee that as I tap away at the keys of my laptop I am nibbling away at what is an exquisite chocolate – a Mirabell. Soft, creamy, sweet…..

It’s hard to imagine that we are seven months through this year…. The days, weeks and months have flown and it seems that we are rushing pell mell towards the dawn of another. I wonder what our lives will be like 12 months hence. It’s a year since my return to this fair isle of ours, though that fairness is fast becoming tarnished given all the skull drudgery taking place.

The month of July has much to offer – the final Harry Potter, the third Pirates of the Caribbean, Transformers last week, a weekend down south, roofing timber for the retreat and an invite up to the cool climes of the hill country, the proverbial cherry upon my cake!

I envy westerners; I envy them for their ability to enjoy life. I seem to spend far too a great proportion of life on everything but life. It was Lennon I think who said that life is what happens while one is making other plans – isn’t that true?! So, what do I intend to do about it? For one thing, I think I will try and give greater expression to my creativity through prose and the capturing of images. And for this, I believe I should hold thee responsible…

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