Tuesday, July 10, 2007

All the things that I want to do

Life's too short, and too much of it spent doing stuff that really is an awful waste off time.... I turn forty next year, which is really really strange cos I don't feel like I am THAT old. So what have I done so far? Well somewhere in cyber space is a list of the things that I wanted to do before I, well whatever happens when you die.

So, here's what I'm gonna do today - try and resurrect the list from memory, add in all the new stuff AND best of all, tick of what I have done!

1. Ride in a Hot Air Balloon - Did this and what an amazing experience.... to drift silently across the landscape, the wilder the better. If there is one thing that you will do in your life, let it be this, in the company of one thou loves and holds dear
2. Travel - Oh yes, 27 countries as of now, more to come I hope
3. Visit the Galapagos and Easter Island
4. The Carnival in Rio
5. Ride in a Helicopter - Done!
6. To swim with dolphins
7. Drive a Bugatti Veyron (currently the worlds fastest car for those of you who don't know)
8. Stand on the Equator - Done, in Uganda 2005
9. Swim off all four coast's of SL - Did, with the final one off the coast of Jaffna in 2003 (Chuti, thank you!)
10. A ride in a submarine - Done!
11. Have a blog - I do now
12. Learn another language - working on it
13. See a tornado up close
14. Build a retreat - its done!
15. See a Space Shuttle launch
16. Ride a Roller Coaster - Done
17. See Africa - working on it....
18. Take an awesome photograph
19. Do one, completely, utterly unselfish thing
20. Do one, completely, utterly selfish thing
21. See the Aurora Borealis
22. Stay a night in a five star hotel suite
23. Throw a piece of gum at a world map and go there
24. See an Emperor Penguin in the wild
25. Be friends with my Ex - unlikely to happen
26. Be able to just walk away from a job
27. Live in a place I love - I do now thanks to #14
28. Pull of the neatest gag
29. Send flowers anonymously - I do, and its quite pleasent to do too
30. Make one unaffordable purchase - I think I did that when I bought a Kayak, now I've run out of lagoon to paddle in....
31. Join the Mile High Club
32. Find my soul mate- I found her, but...
33. Get a tattoo - Done
34. Skinny dip - Done
35. Own an original piece of art - I did, for a few days, thank you Cherryville
36. To sing well, once
37. See the inside of a police station cell - errr, I did, not nice, once was enough
38. See a volcano blowing its top
39. Stand at the tip of Africa - Done. Cape Agulhas, South Africa where the Indian and Atlantic Oceans meet AND now the Western tip in Senegal too
40. A threesome - Suffice to say "NC"
41. Ride in a hovercraft - Done (Sierra Leone Sept 2007)
42. Fly a plane
43. Swim in the open sea - would 100 feet of water under me do it? Done!
44. See the worlds tallest mountains - Kanchenjunga and Mt Kilimanjaro, so far....
45. Live to be a 100
46. Design and launch a product - Done
47. Ride a bicycle built for two
48. Play with a lion/ leopard/ cheetah/ elephant- Done, done, done and done!
49. Hold my breath till I turn blue
50. Get an upgrade on a flight
51. Get GOLD status on a frequent flyer programme - Done
52. Have my own little retreat - See#14
53. Fly with no luggage
54. Drink a vintage wine
55. Spend a night in a cemetery
56. Meet a Jade Peacock - hehe, done
57. Visit Timbuktu - DONE and in style too!
58. Drive across a desert
59. Sail in a Dhow
60. Sleep in a desert under the stars
61. Stand on a polar cap (Make it the Antarctica and I can cross out #23 too!)
62. Own my dream car (a BMW 320D)
63. Take a bath with bubblezzzz
64. Take a cruise on an ocean liner
65. Travel the Greek Islands - Black Stilletoes, sound good?
66. Sky-dive(?)
67. Have a house by the sea
68. Find Life, Hope, Wish and Desire
69. Find her, hold her, never to let her go again...
70. Become a decent man


  1. No: 61 corrected..
    Take a bath with bubbles

  2. Dam S, tis no big deal to have a bath with " bubblezzz "! GC takes one all the time!! he he

  3. This is an awesome quasi "Bucket List"....

  4. Tks Jeff, thing keps growing faster than I can cross stuff off

  5. Hey Sigma,

    I like this idea of yours of a list of to dos . I need to add one to my own blog! Thanks for the idea., I'm still reading through your long list!

  6. TY Stringhopper200 - all the best with your one!

  7. Generally (not just this list) 29 is my favorite number.

    Suggestion: accomplish 70 before 69. :)

    All best in your endeavors ~A

  8. i think 57 is done too know??? like the list

  9. You are absolutely right Santhoshi!!