Monday, July 23, 2007

A funny feel, feel I.......

An 'obsession' I have, one that has plagued me for quite sometime now.... lay there it did, just beyond the reach of my finger tips, try as I might, reach far enough I could quite not to touch it; into my grasp, it to take. To keep it was not my desire, merely to hold it for a short moment, to be able to experience something that was once mine, then lost

But there has been a shift in the wind, and what blew to some extent in my direction about to shift away from me forever.... I am rendered desolate by this turn of events... It is a stupid matter in reality, but it is a matter which affects me and I am uneased.

It is strange, while this was there, it gave me some meaning... now, like a broken compass swinging from one point to another with no sense of direction... much is not going my way right now, I am fighting on too many fronts against a rising tide and I am on the verge of being swamped. Concerned I am for there be others around be, innocent souls that could be hurt.

I must find my port, my haven to weather the storm as it swirls around me..... Oh how I wish I could run, run to rest, to gather myself, find some peace, time to gather my thoughts, work out the demons that plague me again.

Somewhere there is a warm beach where I can sit, sipping Bacardi and coke all day, soaking in the sun...........

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