Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Well now, smile!

The last few days, work aside has been pleasant to say the least.

It all began last week actually, with a mate's 3D bash on the Friday. Me mate's cool, someone who I find completely and utterly relatable to.

So, come Friday night, I find myself across at her place, along with a gaggle of her friends for a few drinks and din's. The chit chat was for the most part, idle. Me thinks that there was a good reason to this actually - the presence of spouses! I was left wondering what it would have been like if it was merely the inner circle.....

Me enjoyed meself - thanks mate!

Well this was all good, and I went home happily high with the possibility of the entire Saturday morning to myself... In spite of all my good intentions (or because of them) I ended up lolling the morn away watching the damn box.

The afternoon was dedicated to looking at cars... whilst trying to sell mine. What I cannot fathom is why it is that when I want to sell the market is at a all time low; but when I'm looking, forget it!

Sunday morning dawned and with the crack, off we were down the coast to the first 'goda'. Work at a standstill thanks to the wonderful service of a government body... eight weeks and I am still waiting for the no good, lazy arse's to get with it. What irks me no end is their attitude, claiming that it is to be expected as they are a Government Institution! Ye Gods, to the stake with them all I say....

Well, from that 'goda' we had to drive back to the other 'goda', all in all, a round trip in excess of 200km, which on our crappy roads is a long way. Fortunately, traffic was light and we were home by late evening.

Oh, then of course the arrival of my passport! Which implies that I will soon to be on the road, on my travels. I have the itch, mildly satisfied by a short jaunt across the sea to Thailand - my first visit that country. Nice... certainly a far cry from my poor country, treated so badly by our politicians - off to the stakes with them too!

So, if all goes well, I am off. I need to be out, for there is much to do. Sitting around watching my ars grow broader is counter productive. I could be doing what I do OK at....

So that brings me to today.... I am of better cheer than I was a few days ago.... there are a couple of people out there who were instrumental for this; thank you.

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