Monday, August 13, 2007

Of Dune dreams

I'm revisiting an old friend, Frank Herbet's forth book of Dune.... it must be lonely where Leto is I think....

I need a break. I need a few day's away from everything that is formal, rigid, part of my day to day existence. I want to get out, shed this skin and be just me. I want to leave all my responsibilities behind, I want to forget all the commitments I have, emotional, professional, financial, personal, everything. I merely wish to be for a short time - any takers out there?

So, for all of you who know who I am, what thinks thee? Join me will you in a jaunt of escapism, to step off the roller coaster and chill? Speak, I say, let thy voice be heard, for my spirit is indeed in need of rejuvenation!

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