Tuesday, August 14, 2007

The Scottish Highlands...

Last week I was given (Ok, loaned) a copy of a concert by Runrig - for all you unwashed, unclean who have no idea what I am talking about, Runrig is a Scottish folk rock band. I was fortunate to be introduced to them quite recently by Lucy, who happens to be an ardent fan.

My tale though is this, that of watching this concert. Home I did go, to set up what I like to call my surround sound system (It's really not, but it serves it's purpose).

Now what concert is complete without beer and perhaps something more I ask? No, don't answer, the question was merely rhetorical, allow me to speak.

Well, having indulged in some very good frowned upon, I sat to watch - oh wow! Within minutes, I found myself completely immersed in the experience. Come, tell me, how many of you have heard Gaelic? You must, make it a point to hear it please... it is, oh, just listen to it!!

For the next hour or so, there I was, at Stirling Castle, amongst that huge crowd, swaying to the music. Runrigs popularity peaked in the 90's but I can understand their magic even now; the music which revolves around the Gaelic community and their aspirations in this modern world.

The music is pleasant, in English as well as Gaelic, which I just love in spite of the fact that I cannot understand a word of it..... to my heightened senses, this was a treat.

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  1. If you recall, Guthro (oooh isn't he gorgeous?) states that Gaelic is a "Struggling Language". Perhaps Runrig is at the fore in salvaging their Scottish heritage, but I found out recently that there are other artists who perform in Gaelic, and mind you, they're impressive.

    The ones I looked in to are support artists for Saturday's concert and I'm simply dying to see their shows as well. I can already see myself as being on a tremendous adrenaline high, for I cannot imagine surviving an 8 hour outdoor concert in any other way :)

    I shall see you when I return. Brace yourself, for I probably will not be able to stop talking :)

    Be safe.