Tuesday, August 21, 2007

My House....

Sitting on a rock at the edge of what will be The Mangroves, it is with a certain sense of satisfaction that I contemplate what has been done so far.

To have a dream come true is one of life's most fulfilling moments, and to have a this where it is, the realisation of a dream that I have had for many years.

For a very long time my heart's desire, to have a little place by water - a river, a stream, a lake, even the sea. I confess that there was little that I did in terms of an active search, preferring to chance upon places on the way to somewhere from another place. During the course of the years I have considered plots on the beach of Nilavali, at the edge of Lunugamvehera, in Habarana, finally to this place, 90 minutes south of our city, by the side of a lagoon, 500m from the sea.

Credit for this find must go to my lady, who urged me down one by-road and another, till eventually we came across this little plot. So, for this moment of sheer bliss, thank you my love.

Looking out from what will be the main entrance, what lies before me is the open expanse of the lagoon, extending in both directions. The far bank, lush green with vegetation extending all the way to the waters edge. Were I to stand slightly elevated, its possible on some days to see the ocean swell in the distance, even hear the crash of waves upon the beach. In my little toy I have paddled the entire length and breadth of this body of water, adventuring along some of its narrow paths, till running aground. The paddle to the beach is pleasant, under one of two small bridges over which run the rail track and the main southern highway, around and out to touch upon the golden sands and a beach renowned for turtles who come ashore at night to lay their eggs

The rustle of the leaves as the wind caresses them, the squeak of a branch rubbing against another, a dog's bark, a cow in the distance, voices, softened by distance and space.... I feel at peace here, quietly contented with my lot. All that is seemingly of crisis proportions, made insignificant by distance, time and the charm of this little piece of earth, I am responsible for. Tree's I will plant, the soil I shall cherish, trying to conserve what little is mine to look upon.

What beauty lies around me.... a rat snake, winding it's way amongst the branch's of a tree, stretching it's body to it's limit, moving from one tree to another.... the hawks that dive upon the lagoon when low water force the fish up to the surface, the curious eagle that flew so close to me that I could almost have reached up and touched it's talons.

I am content when I am here........

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