Thursday, July 12, 2007

Oh success!

What a relief, the search is over and I have what I want! A lengthy drive last night, to scramble through the ruins of a demolished house reaching a stack of earthen bricks!
OK, its like this, I am building a wall, well I am getting a wall built - 5m x 2m. For this wall I wanted a particular brick, not the regular fired clay brick but one cut and shaped of a certain kind of stone. Pitted, pocked, rough in finish, this brick is scarce, the primary source for it being old houses now.

I confess, I had almost resigned myself to the fact that I was not gonna find what I wanted. And I have been looking, for months now, ending up in some really unlikely places, one of which is what eventually lead me to where I was last night.....

Oh, I almost forgot... an unexpected find - four carved granite stones bases for wooden pillars, a 100yrs old at least, and so gorgeous. Mine now, soon to be part of The Mangroves.....

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