Wednesday, November 12, 2008


I've been here, what, almost three weeks? The semblance of a life coming together little by little, the trappings of civilization acquired one by one - most recently a tv!

My last Sunday was easily one of the most depressing days in my life, one where I found myself questioning my decision to move out here into Africa. Alone at home the entire day sans stimulation of any sort I raced into the bluest if funks leaving me curled up desperately trying to keep myself from screaming.

Imagine if you will finding yourself alone in an empty house, empty of books, music, a television, even decoration.Imagine being all alone with no one to talk to, the heat gradually rising to the its norm of 34c, not a soul around, not a sound but that of a buzzing fly. Imagine if you will, this situation for hours on end, endlessly slow hours one after the other. It speaks volumes that my mental status was such that it did not even occur to me to find oblivion in a bottle!

But I survived.

Me thinks the lack of work was it. Fortunately I am off tomorrow to Bamako Mali to see some clients.

Hopeful by the end of this week or early next I will have a car to call my own, ti sit in and pretend I am on the road somewhere.

PS: By the way, I had my first complete conversation over the phone in french today. So ok, it was like how are you and I am fine and by the way, I'm leaving for Mali tomorrow for a couple of day's. I'll call you when I get back... and no, I'm sorry but I will be out this evening kind of conversation - but hey, it was in french!


  1. Good for ya!
    Congrats on the conversation in French..:)

  2. if logistics permit, and you're a doggie person, i suggest well, a doggie to keep you company. all the warmth and companionship offered by a human minus the drama :)

  3. PP: The thought occurred, especially since I am a doggie person - in SL have something like 9 dogs I call more than mere acquaintances.

    But logistics alas! Two three years down the road, how would a french barking dog manage in Sinhalese?

    Which begets the question as to what language dog's bark in