Thursday, November 20, 2008

its strange

You'd think that if you were poor, you would eat anything, right? I mean I eat what I can afford to, and there is little that I would say I don't eat if it falls into the list of 'usual' things I eat.

I employ a cook - a girl of about 25 who came highly recommended - and truth is she is good. The deal is pay plus lunch provided.

This afternoon I decided to have cous cous as an alternative to rice. The fare was cous cous with diced tomatoes and sardines in a sauce - wholesome, tasty fare.

Tempted as i was to tuck in, mindful that there was one more to eat I restrained myself - you can imagine my surprise a little later on when I was asked for money to eat from out. The reason was that she did not eat cous cous! I was flabbergasted to say the least. Cous cous here eaten often enough, I could have understood it if it was a food completely alien to the culture, but its not!

Its attitude I presume, and its sad because I see it as an impediment towards bettering oneself... if you aint gonna manage with what you have how do you get the things you wont? This afternoon I got into a discussion over a jobless man washing windscreens at traffic lights. As I made to tell him to stop, my companion stayed me saying its better he does this than rob. I see the sense, but what he is trying to do is of no value to me, so why would I pay? because he 'worked'? I demonstrated my disdain for the argument by running my wipers and asking my friend to now pay me as I had performed the same service

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