Friday, November 14, 2008

On the road

At my pâtisserie, well the only one I know - Le Relax - in Bamako, Mali. Arrived late last night, crashed out after a cold beer to spend a not so rested night tossing and turning. I think I am a little annoyed with my hotel, time to change my patronage.

A meeting this morning, another later this afternoon, one more tomorrow - I wonder if time permits me to do a little site seeing? Have found an amazingly interesting Taxi Driver by the name of Alpha who's history is colorful to say the least. A Emerald trader now fallen on hard times. Fluent in English after many years in Zambia plying his former trade, deported now, legalities separating him from his Zambian wife and children he dreams of going "home' to them one day. In the interim, he ekes a living driving on the streets of Bamako.

Life eh?

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