Monday, November 24, 2008


The weekend was spent in the outskirts of Ouaga, a little hotel in the village of Koubri.

A guest of my client here I was part of a group of 30 people who meet every year in celebration of birthdays and anniversaries.

For a loner such as me, such events can be painful and I am glad of the excuse I have to hide behind my lens...

Sunday morning I woke before dawn to stroll down to the lake and out on to the water. The next couple of hours were pure magic as I alternatively sat and stood, watching the light emerge, the sun come up. As I treated myself to this outrageous sunrise I listened to Ali Farka Toure, the ideal music for the moment.

My thoughts drifted into the past, the present and I wondered where my path would take me... certainly not where I thought it would six months ago... for that seems a dream now, that which seemed so attainable now so far beyond my grasp...

There is a new future ahead, I have to believe that, and I have to believe that I can make it, whatever it is

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