Sunday, November 16, 2008

I'm gaining an appreciation for:

- People who can cook

- Sharp knives

- Spices

- Coconut milk and the powder ( I still don't know where it all fits in, but I'm sure it makes a difference)

- For all things fried!

- For dishwashers

- for all the things relating to cooking that I don't know

Help, anyone.....?

I've just made rice boiled with salted water, cloves and a chicken cube - it looks like kiri bath, I'm sure its supposed to be fluffy, drat, its burnt!

I'm boiling pieces of pork in salted water into which I've thrown in curry powder... I have this vague idea of frying after that with tomatoes, onions, garlic and parsley... having survived a premonition of a plane crash I might just do myself in trying to cook.

Wait, no need to panic, I have beer at home... a few of those and anything I cook should taste good - always, ALWAYS have a back up plan.


  1. lol... let me give you a few online lessons..:D
    and well, add a little liqueur into the cooking and make it more yummy..:)
    shall we start with chicken curry??:D

  2. careful cooking pork. If not cooked through, you can get wierd bugs. salmonella blah..

    Anyhoo, RICE -
    Take pan, put washed rice just enough for you.
    Take water, pour over rice - how to judge on quantity?

    take hand, you see the joint sections of fingers yea? put enough water so your fingers are submerged just below the 2nd joint. (er...hope that made sense) (hand kept verticle to check)

    Cook rice till water evaporates.
    oh and Add a little salt/ butter/ saffron/ cloves to your liking


  3. PORK - taken from

    Choose meat with some skin with the fat underneath for cooking fat.

    1) In a pot or a pressure cooker put the pork, and about 3 cups of water. (for one kilo pork) Start boiling the water and pork.

    2) When you have put the pork for boil, chop two onions roughly, and throw in.

    3) Crush 15-16 cloves or one bulb of garlic and about 2 inch finger of ginger, and also throw that into pot.

    4) Now add 1 tsp coriander powder, 1 tsp cumin powder ( use freshly ground cumin powder for best results**), half tsp red chilli powder, half tsp turmeric, 1 tsp meat masala and salt to taste.

    5) Keep boiling and let shimmer. Add three tomatoes, roughly chopped. Now till the water dries and gravy becomes consistent and thick as in the picture..

    Garnish with Coriander. The food is ready.. Could it have been simpler. I will cook another version and post soon...

  4. I'm getting rid of my cook, I can do this - with a little help from my friends!

    Got to try this - rice, pork curry! Yahoo...