Monday, November 3, 2008

Up date

Thursday night finding myself at a loose end I decided to stroll along Ave. Kwame N’Kurma and find a beer, not that difficult a thing to do on any given evening. With the fall of dusk, little eateries double in size as they take over the pavement scattering tables and chairs for diners.

Castle beer in hand, I found myself living Brooks and Dan’s Neon Moon as it played in my ears – it was not long before I found myself lost in my memories.

T’was an hour or so later that I looked up a rather well endowed lady, who wanted to know if I would like some ‘companionship’. It was only after I had responded in the negative that it dawned upon me that there was more to the Avenue that I had realized in spite of the fact that I have been here so many times before.

It was kind of genteel really; a courteous question, a polite answer and life went on. I have to confess that I sat there downing one two many beers as I watched the activity around me, it certainly was an eye-opener!

Rolling to bed around mid night I, all was well till I decided to wake up the next morning to the mother of all headaches! I must be getting old if three bottles of beer do this to me.

Later that morning, walking back from the market place I was exhausted. The combination of heat, dust and my late night carousing found my energy sapped.

Damn landlady is still clearing the house up! I kind of had a nasty feeling that this would happen, but this is now and I am still penning yesterday down.

This was probably the first time in all these years that I’ve traveled Africa that I actually felt the effect of the heat – a combined effect I hope of my hang over, the lack of sleep, the heat and possibly age?

This morning (Friday the 1st of November) was spent picking up the bare essentials for survival – but I anticipate a few hungry nights ahead of me till I sort out the cook.

In a few hours from now, I’ll sit back and let my mind drift 11 months into the past and the 1st of December 2007. To a night that is indelibly a path of all that I am… I’ll never have the words to articulate that night, no matter how many times I draft the words they can never capture the essence of those hours and the path that it was to take me a long. If you read these words, know that I love you in ways that I can never love anyone else.

The arrangement was for me to take possession of the house this afternoon at 1530. Well I was certainly on time, regretfully my landlady not. I think I threw a spanner in the works for her by refusing to turn back, I’ve basically forced myself into the house and taken over a bedroom while they solder on! Damn if I’m gonne fork out another 80 bucks on top of the rent I’m paying for the house.

Been looking at vehicles too, a car is essential not only for work but for day to day existence. I’m too far away from the main road to be able to make hiking an option – a reason why I suspect there will be a few days that I go hungry for no other reason than having forgotten to plan my meals. Ce la vie and eat well when I can!

Sunday morning and I am mighty pleased with my new home. I’m yet to have it completely to myself but I have a extremely good feeling about the place – this feeling augers well for the future indeed.

Cook/ maid required, Night watchman required – two recommended, but at double what I was told to expect to pay…

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  1. hmmm.. so now how far have you gone? :)

    hope it all gets settled soon..:)