Monday, October 27, 2008

Someone asked me, well it was Black Stilettos actually, whether I didn't get sick of the travel.

It does get tiresome I grant, especially the sitting around twirling my thumbs waiting on someone else. But that's just the boring part.

lets start off with Airports. They are kind of fun to hang around if a) there is free wi-fi and/or b) you have a good book and or c) its got stuff to look at and or d) there is air conditioning.

Watching people provides one with insights into people and some entertainment is wondering where they come from and where they go.

With advancing age, economy class airline seats are getting rather painful I grant. And somehow, all that neatly packed food they serve no longer quite does it for me anymore. I've lost the desire to consume alcohol on a flight preferring to stay with fruit juice and water with perhaps an occasional white rum and coke to help me sleep.

What still makes me high is walking along the street of a place I know is so far flung that there is hardly a chance of seeing a fellow countryman, and then, seeing in my minds eye, an image of me walking there, zooming out into space to show my location is relation to where I was born - a mental google earth if you like

So yeah, travel I do like. Different food, new people

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