Friday, October 24, 2008

Back to Africa

On the final leg to base - Accra to Ouaga - to set up base. Kotoka gets better looking each time I pass through, this time a fancy entrance to the departure terminal!

Left Colombo on the 22nd, amidst a monsoon shower, I have to confess to feeling rather sad at the time, not knowing when I’ll be back next. Strange, in all the years I’ve taken a flight from there, this was the first time I felt so. Lot of things left behind this time, a less than perfect relationship with a mother who I adore but cannot seem to get along with, a rather dysfunctional family, one dear friend whose physical presence I will miss sorely and of course that path I wish I could walk with that one person.

I am trying to understand, how fates twisted path brought us so close and yet threw every possible obstacle in front of us. Was it to test our resolve, was I finally found wanting? I tried, god knows I did, bring my entire life to a point that I was tethering upon a step into the unknown. But she was not with me, her actions confusing, placing her self in situations that tore at me, fraying the edges of my soul; leaving me wondering if I was soon to find myself all alone, after risking it all for her!

I guess what ultimately broke me was when she asked me to go back, to try and make a go of it; did she know what she was asking of me when those words were written? I never got to see her after that; I haven’t seen her in months… I don’t know when, if at all I’ll see her again… a chapter done? Time will tell, One thing though, what was always, will always be, and that is how I feel about her.

4 odd hours to Dubai from Colombo, and a 15hr stay before my connection. Self imposed I have to admit, taking an earlier flight rather than having to make a mad dash from one gate to another with a mere two hours between.

Business Class lounge access makes the stay less than painful fortunate.

A small detour, to write a few words about laptops… My first one was a HP NX2500 which I got configured to my specifications. This was state of the art at the time in 2005 and one I was mighty please to lug around with me as I went about my work. Wife number one as it was fondly referred to. Over the years I’ve seen them getting smaller and smaller, and airports the best place to see what’s around… As I type this I see a Vaio bigger than mine to my right and a smaller Dell to my left.

Since getting up at 5am on the 21st I remained awake till around 10pm on the 22nd due to a combination of different factors. The tedium of the long hours broken by a shower, food, and a lot of time surfing the net down loading porn.

Landing in Accra, re united with my suitcase I was on my way to the Blue Royal Hotel in Ossu. I’ve taken to staying there as it’s a pleasant enough hotel, with Wi-Fi, close to the main road with friendly staff. I usually get a decent room with a large bed, comfy enough for me.

Ticket to Ouaga sorted out the next item on my agenda was to meet with a couple of clients… One a Ghanaian and the other a Guinean with whom I do business with in Guinea’s, Senegal and possibly Ghana in time to come.

Last evening was a bad one. I need to avoid such situations again. Sitting on the terrace of the food court drinking a beer I was suddenly struck by a terrible sense of melancholy… my thoughts drifting back in time as well as across the distance and of things that were, that are not.

Such moments are bad, there are dark soul ripping moments where I am utterly lost. It’s an effort at the best of times to hold the emotion back, when I am weak, I can be lost easily.

In an hour or so, my flight to Ouaga should take off. Shall post this as soon as time and a connection permits.

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  1. You are so painfully truthful, it's beautiful in a way.