Friday, August 7, 2009

Wither too the law of the land?

A Police Spokesman has gone on record saying "Police were not duty-bound to place the protection of a criminal over that of the general public"

I'm not the most knowledgeable of people but I'm pretty sure that Police Men are duty bound to ensure the safety of all of us - its the courts that are tasked with deciding who is a criminal or not and deciding the punishment, not the Police.

Now I'm all for an eye for an eye in cases where it was the intention of the perpetrator to carry out the crime - stories of little children kidnapped and killed make my stomach churn and I imagine bringing down terrible punishments on those animals - I can do that, I'm just a commoner, but for a uniformed policeman to do so just shows what little the enforcers of our laws actually know about the law.

Mr Police Spokesman, FYI, until such time the constitution is written, (which may happen sooner than we like) or the world decides to take a break and suspend Human Rights, you are duty bound to protect all of us!

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