Sunday, August 30, 2009

Figure it out...if you can...

I took this photograph about five years ago, down in Bentota. It was only later back home that I noticed a detail in it that I cannot quite explain.

Look closely at the bottom left hand corner and tell me what you see. Click on the image if you wanna larger image to take a closer look. No matter at what size you look at it, "IT" remains distinctive...


  1. @ She Who Eats Cookies: Thats a new one indeed

    @ Chavie: Perhaps

  2. OMG! it's that a ghost?



  3. Whoa! so scary and spooky! O__O

    that is a perfect face with all the features but to imagine it was formed out of a wave in an instant.. I bet you've been stalked by a wandering spirit who loves to pose for photos! -__-

    Great pic by the way, you should send it to be analyzed by an expert supernatural researcher or something. =D

  4. @ Lady D: Lol

    @ Harumi: That's why it's up here, for analysis! As for being stalked, why do I get the spook?!

  5. hehe.. then you need to add a 'ghost' tag here, so a supernatural expert who happens to google for ghosts could find this post and make an analysis. =D

    Um.. as for getting stalked, maybe this spook is a pal of Casper.. the friendly ghost..! =D