Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The bird in my life

This is actually inspired by Harumi who's posts on her Bulbul's I've been following.

Her tale has been a fascinating one and I'm saddened by what I've read today... which kind of prompted me to write about the bird in my life.

I noticed her first last year, when I moved in she was already there, and in those early days of adjusting to a new country, she was one of the few pleasures I looked forward to each evening

Seeing her back again this year was a pleasant surprise and I looked forward to re acquainting myself with her again.

Her chosen spot is actually quite safe, its at the edge of the veranda, in a bush thats growing up against a pillar.This year though I am a little concerned because the tree seems to be wilting, I'm hoping its just a natural cycle and not that the tree is dying. Even if is, if it lasts long enough for the eggs to hatch and the birds to fly,its good enough.

I sensed something wrong about two weeks ago, the tree does seem to be tilting, confirmed by the fact that when it rains now, water from the roof edge drips directly on to the pigeon in its nest.

That was soon solved with a rope fastened around the tree and the pillar.

Two eggs we have, and if what the books say is correct I can expect them to hatch sometime next week... fingers crossed

Btw, the last pic has nothing to do with her, thats just some other bird!


  1. that's a lovely bird Sig... kinda reminded me of the Alu Kobeiyas that we see around these parts! :)

  2. Aww.. thanks a lot Sigma! ^__^

    This birdie mom sure is enduring all the rain.. a very touching scene. But so glad to hear you've helped it out. The nest looks very big too and nicely made. Do you know the name of this blue bird?

    Will surely follow the story up. Glad to see another birdie family right after losing sight of a one.

    Thanks a lot for sharing! ^__^

  3. An animal kingdom family that is well deserving of a blog post on the web. I wish Mariam would have seen it...

  4. @ Chavie: It does look rather familer doesn't it?

    @ Harumi: Yeah, I worry about her when it rains, the storms can be rather violent, with stong winds. But since this nest has been there every year, I'm sure she'll be OK. So far all I've concluded is that it s a pigeon of sorts.

    @ Jeff: Yeah, she would have loved it me thinks! How goes life in Ouaga?

  5. gosh really? life must be much more tough for the birdies out there than here. Hope she's used to it. Oh ya, I thought so too.. cuz of the shape of its head and eye. I'm sure the birding expert G might know this birdie's name instantly. =D

  6. @ Dee: Lol, very cute indeed Dee!