Saturday, August 29, 2009

A close up

Look closely and it's possible to see an eye and a little beak to the right of the image... the other 'Squab' is facing the other way.

The parents leave them all alone for up to a hour at a time, returning for just brief periods during the day. I presume they stay put at night


  1. Aww.. this is such an amazing pic.. they look so *too* cute and adorable! =D Thanks a lot for sharing! ^__^

    By the way their feathers look like they're soaked.. is it natural to look like that or did they get caught in the rain storms?

  2. @ Harumi: They may be a mite damp, it rained most of yesterday, though the adult was making it a point to nest them when it was severe

    @ Gadgetgirl & Maks: {:-)