Saturday, August 8, 2009


OK, why does my blog and its layout look so scrunched up?

If anyone can figure it out and let me know what I need to do to make it 'fill' the screen I would be so grateful - I've tried everything I know and all I've managed is to make it look worse

So, HELP!!!!


  1. Its the template you're using. What you're currently using is minima dark.
    I think what you mean by filling the screen is the minima stretch template which is just below that.

    You can easily pick the template from the 'layout' section and tweak the colours to your choice in the 'fonts and colours' toolbar although the default colour is predominantly a white background.

    Hope this works!

  2. It did Gutterflower - my thanks!

  3. i liked the earlier template sig. of course, since this is your blog my opinion doesn't count :)

  4. @Pissu Perera: Opinions do count! I did too actually and will probably revert back once i figure out how to