Thursday, April 23, 2009

What is it people?

All of a sudden the blogging community seem to have found grand new depths to crawl around in - what is it people?

Nothing wrong in disagreeing with someone's post, everyone has a right to an opinion, and for quite sometime it seemed to me that the SL blogspehere reflected that.

I've found posts that were stimulating, some that were weird, some inane, others insane, but they were all opinions posted by different people of different hues with differing opinions, thoughts and ideas.

I've laughed at some of them, red a few wondering what the heck that person was talking about, been amused by pompass ass's, touched by the soul burning prose and poetry of others.

Some blog in their true personality, others perhaps take on the guise of a different person all together, no real harm to it I thought. Ebony and Ivory and while bricks and stones might break my bones, words really could not hurt me, at least so it should have been in the blogsphere.

Now though things seem to be taking a turn for the nasty, the language becoming vitriolic, people forgetting or choosing to ignore the point about respecting people's privacy. Why?

Be nice people, ours is a small community and not every one has the skills of old William Shakespeare - Its he's birthday today by the way. Criticize by all means, constructively, perhaps consider not saying anything about anyone unless you had something nice to say.

And perhaps leave those feuds, primadonna/ macho cat/ dog fights out there in the real world when you step into cyberspace?

Be nice, treat people the way you would have them treat you, life is too short, really, to waste hurting people.

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  1. Yeah, its like we are loosing the true essence of blogging :(