Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Girl RD

A new (kind of) Super Hero was born last week - one who stands up for women s rights, ' even the ugly ones' in touch with he's feminine side.

Its a bird, its a plane, no its Girl RD!

I'm a fan, and I really do mean this sincerely. It cant be easy being a Super Hero, especially when nasty bad guys who stare at women s breast decide to act all kindergarten and go around posting your mug on lamp posts - makes coming home to the family and claiming that it was just another day at the office hard to make

So, in tribute, let me give you our Super Hero Girl RD revealed!

Any resemblance to a real person or situation is purely coincidental (had to say that, else I might have the CID's of five countries, my ISP, mom , dad, estranged ex and god knows who else after me)

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