Wednesday, April 8, 2009

"Look mommmy, I wet my pants"

Kids I tell you, so cute they are - the things they do. Sometimes its un intentional, lost in a world of their own hardly aware of just how cute they are drawing, playing, splashing around in a puddle.

Of course, there are the exceptions to the rule too - those kids are creepy, those are the ones who rip wings off butterflies and look around to see if the world is applauding, those are the ones I wonder if they were kept too long at the breast or perhaps not enough, perhaps they were kept in their diapers till they were twelve, for what ever the reason the are the kids who go "Look mommmy, I wet my pants"

And then they grow up...

They get into fights, I knew of a chap, who was dating this really sweet girl, a chap who could not go into an empty public toilet and NOT get into a fight! How the heck do you do that?

Its strange the length to some people will actually go to to get some attention. Most of us just get drunk and act silly, walk around with a dopey look on our faces ogling the girls. A few on the other hand turn to venting their frustrations on random bits and pieces of furniture and attempting to re arrange someone else features.

The advert of the blogs has certainly taken things to an all new height indeed! Just a few weeks ago there was a short discussion about why one blogs, was it for self or not. I am of the school that subscribes to blogging for ones own pleasure - I think that if you do something out of passion and enthusiasm, then only do you do it well. And then perhaps someone out there may stumble upon it and find in it something that stricks a chord - now that's good stuff.

Then of course there are the "Look mommmy, I wet my pants" blogers who blog to get attention - these ones tend to lean towards the extrema in their apparent out look of life in general, preaching the high moral ground not un like those extremist who go around bombing and shooting random people all around the world.

Sad people, you got to feel sorry for them... but oh some of them are so good! The lengths that they go to, you got to give em credit for effort! There was this one chap with a duel personality, one male the other female... he's female persona would write nasty bitchy almost threatening e mails to the people who commented on the post he wrote! Now just how sicko is that? The thing is, if you look at he's blog a majority of he's posts do take a rather high moral stand, there is just no live and let live with this chap at all. Its he's business really, but I'm glad he's there because to remind me about the kid who rips wings off butterflies.

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