Tuesday, April 8, 2008

The weekend

I must confess, my weekend was certainly a pleasant one.

All that I expected of it and perhaps even more. Friday evening saw me on my way down the coast, car loaded with provisions happily bowling along the coastal road.

Destination reached closer to 22:00hrs than 21;00hrs under a crisp clear night full of stars. The temptation was too strong, I had to...

Kayak pulled out and set afloat, a few paddle strokes out and there I was adrift on the lagoon, lying on my back gazing up into a tropical sky filled with stars. Across the water I could faintly hear Cafe del Mar and except for the noise of an occasionally passing vehicle, the moment was perfect. It's been a while since I've indulged myself like this, taking a moment to sit back and enjoy a night sky, is not too often the clouds keep away and then there is something about city living, one hardly looks up.

Saturday morning and I was out again, armed this time with a book for it was my intention to follow Madiba's life story. A shaded cove, craft backed up and loosely tied.... time flew and twas the rumblings of my tummy that brought me back and to shore for sustenance. Sadly, reluctantly I was to return to the city that night, driving like a lunatic according to a very reliable eye witness.....

Sunday morn, 5am is a perfect time to leave.. and leave I did for the cooler climes of Bandarawela 0n an errand.

A trip I looked forward to with a certain sense of anticipation for I was visiting old haunts, a place that I had lived in for four years, a time where things were less complicated and somehow happier times. A time where elephants, sustainable agriculture and a Sunday lunch packet from the YWCA were highlights of my week. Of the Fox Hill races and drives to N'Eliya in aid of a smitten friend, of long walks through the mana and illuk grass, warm bottles of beer in rucksack, nights spent making love under the stars at the edge of Diyaluma... but I digress.

So, Bandarawela, the cool climes, lovely.

The road has been resurfaced almost all the way, which was a pleasant surprise... good fun.

The trip was made with one objective in mind, to find out what the stars have in store for me. Well, apparently Saturn is in a malefic mood (old news), but Venus and Mars are doing a tango which for some reason has got old man Pluto ticked off. Now Venus happens to be my ruling planet which explains my desire for pleasure, sensuality, personal possessions, comfort and ease. Pluto as you may know is a changer, bringing buried desires and needs to the surface, even at the cost if destroying the present.

In a nut shell, interesting times for me..... thou I must have words with Old Fonny, for he had most clearly indicated a different course of events ahead.....

Enroute back I was treated to one of those famous mists that Haputale is known for... Haputale itself has remained relatively unchanged which was kind of nice. The view across the plains as magnificent as I recollect it to be, looking across the land south south east.....

Ice cold beer at Belihul Oya Rest House, a lovely rice and curry for lunch, Colombo for dinner and CSI - all good stuff

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