Friday, April 4, 2008

Its friday!!

I so love Friday's... and that is saying a lot, coming from a guy who used to look forward to Monday, just cos I could not wait to get back to work!

Age perhaps, a change in priorities perhaps, a need to slip away from it all to recuperate... what ever the reason, I look forward to my weekends and any holiday that extends for more than 48hrs.

I get restless being in the same place..... which is so why I enjoy my road trips. Living out of a suitcase week after week, sleeping in five different beds in the course of one week, these matter not. The road sustains me and I gaze forward over the next hill, around the next corner.

The downsides are having to eat and sleep alone... two things I detest doing.

But the reasons for my Friday's is a little closer to home actually... my little shack down by the stream...

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