Monday, April 7, 2008

Desert walk

I've been reading The Little Prince over and over again, its always been a book from which I have derived a great sense of satisfaction.

Since of late though, I am becoming more and more engrossed with his walk in the desert.... I feel a sense of affinity to that.

The last few months have certainly lead me to this desolate place I now find myself in. Each measured trend taking me further and further into it. But I've managed to stop now. I haven't looked back yet, but what I can see around me is rolling sands, scorching in the heat of a blazing sun that saps away at what little reserves I have. No further will I walk, for I have done enough to myself as it is. What I do next, is what I wait to see. Find myself out or sit...

In my musings I've made little if any reference to one sphere of influence, the one person who is affected the most. Truth is, that presence has managed help me, slowed me down before I lost myself completely. That this person is an innocent, and yet hurt so deeply by the events of these last few months, a cause of deep regret to me. I did not wish this to be so

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