Saturday, April 19, 2008

The week that was

Oh this has been an interesting week, drama, despair, anticipation, sweat, blood (ok, no blood) and tears.

Tuesday, the first day after the NY hols. The drive to office made in 20mts cruising along Baseline road doing a 100, my favourite SOB CD playing away. Office all to myself till almost nine, solid work done, great stuff. Gym

Wednesday pretty much sucked. A favourable annual performance review marred by the shenanigans of an incompetent insecure twit who is not only my line manager but ceo too. The day was more than made up for however by an encounter with Black Stilettos. BS’s presence has been long missed and this meeting was too long coming. The face to face was preceded by a lengthy chat over the phone to discuss knick knacks, some paddy whacks as well as photography. Add to this, a lead to a fascinating article in a Daily that day about a canoe trip. From this I ended up corresponding with the author and an invite to join me for a chilled beer on the river bank. By and by check out AFLAC - link on the side bar.

Thursday boring, saved only by the presence of Awesome on-line. That was the day that I found myself on Kimbula - Now I’m usually not the forum, community chit chat social animal type of person – I am a morose, grumpy old fart, set in my ways and hell bent in self destructing in pursuit of a dream. But let’s get back Kimbula. Recently launched, has a straight forward navigation board and so far seemingly populated by a group who seem comfortable with each other… I felt like a little intruder, but they have made me feel welcome. Gym

Friday, TGIF! Don’t you just love Lite 89.2? I do, have it running all day listening to them on-line ( Their morning and afternoon shows help keep me sane from 1000 - 1400 and again from 1400 - 1700. Gym.

Saturday. Annual New Year ritual, worshipping elderly family. Kos will not see me this weekend, sadly. I miss this

Have I found a light? No. I am just, just.

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