Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Sri Lankan Cops Useful Tips to up-date your general knowledge

Got this by mail.... not sure just how accurate it is, but hey, someone could always try them out and let us know!

1. A single Cop, CANNOT stop you on the road! (it's prohibited and you are not suppose to Stop either !)

2. A single cop CANNOT seize your driving license !

3. Only a 'traffic control' cop has the authority to request anything MORE than your NIC when you are behind wheels.

4. A single traffic cop NEVER can press charges against you. HE MUST HAVE A WITNESS IF DOES SO.

5. That's why you always find 'two' cops together

6. Police is a peace controlling force. NOT AN ARMED FORCE !!!They are prohibited by LAW to carry anything more than a BATON! (but due to the prevailing WAR, they are issued Guns by a supreme court ruling,till the war ENDS)

7. So, if a Cop pulls a gun on you, YOU CAN sue him !!!

8. If a COP claims that you are drunk, you have the FULL right to ask for a 'balloon test', if they DO NOT HAVE it in their possession on the time of your request, you can GO.

9. Only Traffic Cops have the RIGHT to stop any moving vehicle. (that's why you find at least 1 normal cop in every checkpoint even though they are manned by Army)

10. COPS, CANNOT ENTER YOUR HOME OR WORK PREMISES without a court Order. You have the
FULLEST right ASK for it, if they try to enter and also DENY their entrance if you 'feel' like it.

11. A traffic cop CANNOT seize your driving license UNTIL he fully states the crime you have committed and the relating penal code violation. If he is unsuccessful in stating them, you can go free

12. If a traffic cop seizes your license by force and ask you to come to the police station to collect it. DO NOT GO! Lodge a complain directly to Police commission or the 'Provincial IGP', YOU can get the cop SACKED for his misconduct and unruly behaviour.

13. (for girls), If a COP asks for your Identifications and (if you think he's doing it on purpose to harass you) you CAN deny his request. He cannot arrest you ! you have the RIGHT to request for a Female Police officer.

14. (for Girls) If you are asked to be Body checked, it's your right to get it done by a female cop. If they don't have one in present, DENY their action.

BTW, if you also happen to get arrested/ beaten up etc. as a result of trying any of the above. pls do let me know - I'll post an update to this post then

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