Sunday, July 5, 2009

Of WWW and the people you meet

I've been thinking back and its dawned on me that I've met some darned good people over the last couple of years and its all thanks to the internet.

Its rather strange that I feel so close to some of them especially since the truth is I've never really met most of them anyway!

There's the people I 'look up' on through my blog and by extension through Kottu, there are those crocs across at Kimbula and then the people I met through flickr - which brings up an opportunity to mention JA. His photo blog of Ouaga initially attracted my attention and I used to make it a point to check up his latest pics. We eventually discovered a mutual liking to beer and, eventually, after a few months actually met up for one - imagine this, an American and a Sri Lankan meet on the internet and hook up for a beer in Burkina Faso - cue 'Its a small world after all"

I've met in real life some of these wonderful people, with others I've exchanged mails, while keeping in touch with all through their various cyber space presence.

Point I am rambling towards is that its unlikely that I would have ever met most of you out there if not for the Internet... and so far, the experience has been a positive one for me.

Take care all

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