Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Does not auger well

I don't know if it.s just me but I can't but help notice that a sense of intolerance seems to be becoming more and more prevalent.

Browsing through a recent post I found myself becoming more and more saddened about some of the comments and how easily people resort to making threats, promising retribution if someone or the other did not desist from voicing their opinions! Don't they realize that they are threatening the very freedom they enjoy to make those very same comments? Of course this does not mean I condone such threats, violence is no solution to anything.

Somehow, somewhere along the line people seem to have come to the conclusion that everything that the GOSL is right, that any commentary to the contrary is unacceptable. Have we forgotten that we are supposed to be a Democracy, that we all have a right to express an opinion?

Are they not worried about the direction we are going in - extra judicial killings, politician using force, be it to intimidate or have their own way, children driven to suicide, our society becoming increasingly intolerant and we as a country apparently marching back in time?Are they not worried about how we Sri Lankan's are going to pay the IMF for the 2 billion dollars we just got on top of all the other loans?

I am.

I hope that I'm wrong, I hope that those that walk the corridors do in fact have all our best interests in mind, not that of a select few.

Sheep are easily lead and Ostrich's bury their heads in the sand... and in bad times even the wise man keeps his mouth shut

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