Thursday, July 30, 2009

Recent events

The removal of two baby elephants from Pinnawella just goes to show the depths to which we have stooped to in SL. I don't know if this is common news yet in SL but certain 'banned' sources have been reporting on this during the last three days.

The most recent update is to the effect that the Malwatte and Asgiri chief priests have issued a press statement

They have stated that the baby elephants were taken away from Pinnawela on cabinet approval.
The press statement issued by the Malwatte Chief Priest, Ven Thibbatuwawe Sri Sidhartha Sumangala Thero and Asgiri Chief Priest, Ven. Udugama Sri Buddharkhitha Thero further state that the two baby elephants were identified to be given to the Ubhaya Vihara of the Malwatte and Asgiri Chapters and that they had been identified on July 16 and is therefore inappropriate to say the elephants were smuggled out.

According to the Theros, while there are about 120 tame elephants in the country about 90 of them have reached old age. Therefore, the number of elephants to be used for religious activities including peraheras has seen a decline. The cabinet after understanding the situation had granted approval for the two baby tuskers to be given to the temple.

The chief priests have further stated that the objections raised by animal rights activists against the two baby tuskers being taken by the temple have been silent on the large number of elephants killed annually. They say that the activists are therefore against the continuance of traditional religious events in the country.

Its kindda sad, I know for a fact that a juvenile elephant nurses for 5yrs, and these two young ones are apparently just two and three years old. Elephants are very social creatures and family ties crucial to their mental development.

What the heck eh, this is Sri Lanka after all and those that can will do as they please while the rest of us remain dumb


  1. so basically what asgiri chife priest is saying is screw the emotions and the depression of the baby elephants, we need them for the religious events.

  2. @ Annoymous: A little bit more than that me thinks. Not only do they condone the use of force to take the animals, they go on to interpret protests by animal activists as going against religious events. This from the leaders of a tolerant, compassionate philosophy.

    You might like to consider the following