Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Isn't it lovely!!

Just a look around whats in the news over the last few days really warms the cockles of the heart... its great to be a Sri Lankan in this day and age

Reading an AP release from the UN in Geneva it was good to see our country stand up in support of Tehran's conduct during their recent election citing the achievements they have made in promoting culture, education and health care rights; we Cuba, Venezuela and even Nicaragua

And I am so looking forward to having the internet policed - perhaps I can finally stop getting spamed with sms's wishing me a wonderful future; I really don't need them, really, I can read the writing on the wall just as well as the the other person. What I've garnered so far is that is our Far Eastern friends, all the way from China who are gonna help us with this - they already have a wealth of experience in this area - just ask google, those capitalistic, freedom of speech nonsense promoting whatchama call them's!

Did you know that in Urumqui, the capital of Xinjiang province some chaps are having to drive a 1000km to send an email? I kid you not!! I think its great that the Chinese government is so keen to encourage people to travel - you get to see the country, meet people..... hey, just think of the time you get to spend out of office!!!

The one cloud in my otherwise perfect blue sky was the possibilities of those saffron robed monks gathering the shadow the of the Temple of the Tooth in Kandy... I mean what were they thinking? But thats history because, citing security, the convention has been called off. They should have thought about these things no, after all, the state of emergency was extended was it it not?

And what was the EU thinking when they withdrew the GSP = Trade benefits to SL? Why should they want to nitpick about something so trivial, I mean this is our culture no, we have had kings (from 543BC to 1815) and serfs and might has always been right, so what do they know? You cant argue with 2500 years of culture!

And for all those unpatriotic people out there who complain about illegal detention, worry no more! The IGP announced not one but four new detention centres making public the locations - no one can say GOSL is not transparent!

The UN, and they should I think, distanced themselves from a former staffer who claimed that as many as 40000 died in the last few days of our joyous victory - we won, so forget it, lets look forward to a bright future. Interestingly, and I wonder if this is some subtle ply they added that "While we maintained internal estimates of casualties, circumstances did not permit us to independently verify them on the ground, and therefore we do not have verifiable figures of how many casualties there were,”

Fence sitters!! They should take a page out of that illustrious proud son of the soil, non other than the Defense Secretary who recently stated that he knew for sure that ex presidential candidate Sarath Fonseka was ' “In fact, I know for sure. He was definitely responsible for 5 or 6 cases [of disappearances] where media people were involved,”. No ambiguity there folks!

Think about it people, why else would Sanath be contesting, do you think he would put his cricketing career at risk if he did not believe in these great and wonderful times?!!

In closing let me cite a non resident Sri Lankan who penned a letter confirming that Sri Lanka is not in turmoil. Mark his words dear reader - who better knows how things are than those of us who live abroad and yearn to be back home in that paradise isle of ours...


  1. Was DD the non-resident Sri Lankan? :D

  2. @ N: Now would I know who that was?!

  3. Look if you want to suck British/European cock then please go for it. I just wish you family was blown to bits in an LTTE bomb attack, perhaps then you might understand that taking the LTTE on was the right thing to do.

  4. This post is pure genius Sig! :D bravo!

  5. @ thekillromeoproject: Sarcasm, don't know what that is!

    @ Anonymous: Somehow, for some reason I kind of get the impression, and I could be wrong, that you are not the compassionate, forgiving type are you?

    @ Chavie: Lol, thanks, glad you liked it