Sunday, February 7, 2010


The Harmattan is the dry West African winds that blow from the Sahara between November and March.

Dry AND dusty, these winds can blot the entire sky out for days, turning sun light into a blinding haze. The dust seeps in everywhere, clothes inside the house and car.... irritating the throat and lungs, making life less than fun... but the winds also ensure a coolness that will be missed with the advert of the hot season when temperatures will soar to the mid 40's!


  1. wow... love the 2nd pic, it looks like night-time in the middle of the day! :)

  2. love the second shot. We used to have something similar in Cali called the Santa Ana's, dry winds gusting out of the dessert. Not so dusty but they used to start huge forest fires so their appearance made for some nervous times!

  3. @ Chavie: My mistake, I should have labeled them cos it was taken at night!

    @ N: Sitting on the porch with a torch in hand its shocking to see the density of the dust motes at this time of the year!