Monday, June 29, 2009

The rains are here!

The rainy season is almost upon us, with each passing week showers are more frequent, one every three days now and a welcome break it is from the hot months!

Rain brings with it a new set of issues, the main so far is the run off - most of the road here remain dirt roads and its not unusual for roads to become almost completely inundated as the water seeks lower ground.

The pattern now is relatively predictable; a gradual rise in temperature for two or three days to be followed by sullen skies and eventually for the heavens to open releasing blessedly cool rain. The thunder cracks, lightening forks across the sky as the rain drums harder and harder, driven by gusts of wind.

Today's shower was a short but violent one, cooling the air down so rapidly, it brings an immediate lifting of the spirits. Its nice to feel cool again!


  1. Its raining over here as well. And I'm loving it. :)
    Love the first picture.

  2. TY Gutterflower. I heard, isn't it just lovely when it rains?!

  3. Big rainstorm fan! So gorgeously monsooney here these days.

    Like the last picture best for some reason! Reminds me of the days we go sloshing around in the mud puddles. :D

  4. Seems like those kids dancing in the rain. Aren't they?

  5. @ Kirigalpottha - That certainly was what they were doing. You should have seen the boat races a little later!