Sunday, June 21, 2009

Salif Keita Live!

Just back from Salif Keita Live and oh wow!

The show kicked off two hours later than scheduled but getting to hear him sing, to watch him live was indeed a treat!

This man has a powerful voice, he opened his concert singing so softly, it was hard to hear him over that of the music; and then he let loose, almost a bellow, it was easy then to believe that he descends from an Emperor.

Referred to sometimes as the "Golden Voice of Africa" Salif Keita is a world renowned Afro pop singer and song writer. Ostracized and cast out by family and community due to his albinism, Keita joined a government promoted band, which subsequently fled Mali due to political unrest in the 70's. His travels eventually lead him to Paris where he lived for many years before returning to Mali and Bamako to set up a recording studio from which he now works.

What a night...

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