Sunday, June 28, 2009

Sri Lanka - Small Miracle

A stunningly beautiful video, brought an ache to my soul, Sri Lanka is such a beautiful country indeed. Almost perfect if not marred by robot singing towards the end... Its kind of symptomatic really, such an amazing county with so much potential, and yet there is always something that someone does to make it less so.

Kudos to the producers!


  1. Woah. Loved the traditional dancers and the vocals.

    Amazing how well you can sell a place with the right advertising. ;)

  2. hmmm.. first time im seeing the new branding effort. hope it works.

  3. WOW! that was just awesome!
    and No, I have nothing to do with it..:)

  4. Wow indeed!

    I hope so Mak's, now the country needs to walk the talk.

    Ccertainly hope so Whackster, I read today that the US has re newed their travel warning to SL.

    It is isn't it DL? Are you sure, cos I remember somthing about you and a few stilt fishermen!

  5. Love the visuals...the music could use some help, especially the last part like you mentioned. Also the breakdancing dude was a bit out of place...I would think there's better ways to sell the modern aspect of SL than that.

  6. Even I posted this video on my blog. I got so emotional when I first watched it. Being away from my motherland makes me realise how deep it has rooted into my personality. Totally agree with what everyboday says about the last bit.

  7. Sadly Sri Lanka - Small Miracle seems to have run into a controversy already with MR insisting that whats happening in SL is far from small - and I tend to agree with him. But judging by the amount of corruption and the extent to which civil rights and the democratic process has been tinkered with 'large', 'huge' hardly does justice anymore either... any suggestions anyone?