Thursday, May 14, 2009

Whats going on?

I'm no mainstream blogger, my blog started of as a way to vent and eventually became more a diary of events that crossed my mind.

Eventually I got start reading some of the other blogs around and being a creature of habit it was no surprise that sooner or later I tended to read a select few, occasionally venturing outside the comfort zone

An advocate of individual rights it was a pleasant change to see people voicing multiple opinions, having those opinions criticized, people meeting half way, or not at all, agreeing to dis agree, all really nice, civilized, mature, all that the world could be.

It was therefore rather disappointing to see bloggers resorting to the kind of tactics I've come to associate with those honorable members of parliament that we Sri Lanka's see fit to vote into power.

The threats and actions of some of these bloggers is saddening indeed, what happened to respecting someone opinion, someones privacy?

It takes all sorts of notes to make a tune but a bad note kind of detracts from the whole experience right?

This post is just random thought on a single theme... I don't like the way things are going, but I don't think that the way things are going should scare people either. Its giving in that lets those few go around creating even more mayhem


  1. some just have too much at stake i guess:( but then some just wont give in:)

  2. Some people are just jobless I guess.

  3. Well, I have nothing to lose by continuing, but such ugliness freaks me out! If ever I blog again it will be in my own name, which I should have done right from the start! It's not about revealing who I am, it's just that things could get so unpleasant that my desire to blog was lost,as I did it purely as a hobby!But well, I guess my leaving isn't a big deal...bloggers are quite dispensable in time, I find!:) But yes, this was all so unnecessary!

  4. Indyana - Yeah, hardly anyone would miss your blog were you to stop it, but that said, the blogsphere would be enriched that much more for its presence.Just as a fine tapestry would be less than what it could be for want of a single thread, its beauty increases with each thread added to it. Do to or not to is a decision only you can make -The boorish behavior of an individual should not be reason to do so