Saturday, May 30, 2009

Its been awhile

18 months is about as close as I can figure, 18 months since I've actually taken a break from work and I think I'm starting show the effects of that.

It was fine till October I guess, there was always my "little shack by the pond" to get away to every Friday evening, to wind down, re charge the couple of grams of gray matter before Monday came around again.

Thats no longer possible and I can only dream about lolling the afternoon away on a hammock drinking Mojito's engrossed in a book or just watching the play of light on the water.

I'm tired, and it shows in my inability to focus on the work at hand, the lack of any creativity in developing POS material or designing a carton. Nothing.

Realization dawned only after I sat down to draw up a new business card for myself - this should be a straight forward exercise, requiring no more than perhaps 30mts of thought; but no, rien, 无, ništa, nichts, nothing!

Think I need a break?

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