Saturday, May 30, 2009

Tagged I've been

Delilah's got me in the spot light, tagged me to come up with five words that encapsulate my thoughts on the recent events in SL...

Rules of play are

a) Five words to describe what you feel about events

b) Tag five bloggers and

c) Sit back and watch the fun (AKA 'relax')

So with no further ado

1) Saddened

2) Relieved

3) Apprehensive

4) Watchful

5) Hopeful

And now DeeCee, Paan Waati, Sachs, Shades of Jade and Gutterflower

A pleasant weekend all!


  1. of course you qualify. hot and good taste in music ;)

  2. Delilah: LOL - far be it for me to be uncouth and disagree with a lady!