Sunday, February 15, 2009

Wasn't too bad

The bed's smaller, but the wi-fi is ass kicking which is why I turned down an offer for a bigger room.

I am safe in my hotel room having survived a trip from the airport - which I have to say is so much better organized and streamlined that int was last time I was here!

My only embarrassment was tipping the chap who found me a taxi - he had one of those reflecting jackets and asked if I needed a taxi, quoted me a rate which was below what I expected to pay and walked me to the car too. So I tipped him 200 naira which is about a 140 rupees. He took it, with thanks - it was a little later, not 10 minutes that the driver tells me that the guy I tipped was the owner of the damn car and that in addition to this, a new Toyota Corolla, he also owned and ran three other cars and a SUV - the bastard!

More soon!

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