Friday, February 6, 2009

As time goes by

The weather is changing here gradually, temperatures moving up to the mid 30's as a prelude to the months of April and May.

Been following the news from back home... and listen appalled at the crass attitude of those in the seats of power - most notably the Defense Secretary and the Army Commander. Is what the have stated GOSL's stand or are they voicing their personal opinions?

Do people actually think that the elimination of the Tigers as a force is going to resolve the very issues that gave raised to them?

Has anyone stopped to think about the people caught in between, Sri Lankans who over the last two years have seen the death of friends, families, neighbors, the casualties of this war?

In 30yrs has anything actually been done to provide a solution to the askewed policies of state that discriminated against minorities? The war may end, the conventional one for sure, but will the issues be sorted out, I think not. Time after time one politician or the other hopped upon the gravy train, launched upon an adopted stand of nationalism - read that as ethnicity, because none of them are truly nationalistic, if they were, we would not be here in the first place.

This war, this recent thrust is a desperate attempt to win over the masses, to avoid accountability for a mismanaged economy, for corruption that is beyond imagination!

Today I hear that one runner for the up coming PC elections is a man accused of statutory rape, of kidnapping and holding people against their will, a man supposedly enjoying the high life at public expense.

Is there truly not hope for our country - are there no honest politicians anymore? Instead what we have are rogues, scoundrels, thugs, corrupt immoral people with just one thought in their mind and that to line their pockets at the expense of the people who voted for them - public servants indeed! Parasites!

Alas, poor Sri Lanka


  1. It's an age-old thang about SL, this whole electing-monkeys-for-leaders business, just that lately people are suddenly taking notice.

    My nine year old cousin talks of politicos with the thick cynicism and sardonic humour normally characteristic of some 30 year old citizen who's lost all hope in justice. Poor Sri Lanka, indeed, if children are growing up accepting a factual notion: our politicians are thuggish bastards.

    Woe woe. What ta do? :/

    On an unrelated note, you listen to NSYNC?!? You funny gaybear, you. ;D

  2. Dang Mak's, I thought listening to NSYNC showed up my metro sexuality - time to trash the play list!