Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Buddha Bar

My eclectic taste in music has taken me to embrace such diverse sources such as Enigma, Enya, Aboriginal, West African 'Pop" and the sort that falls into that category of 'Lounge' and 'Chill Out' music.

Of the later genre, New Age music - relax and meditation - Cafe Del Mar and the Buddha Bar music series are close to heart.

The initial BB set of music was created by Claude Challe, who was then followed by a number of others with their own subsequent compilations.

Buddha Bar its self is a NYC restaurant.

The music is the kind of stuff you wanna listen to while sipping a drink, a prelude to and during sex - which reminds me to also suggest Enigma's Principles of Lust as being awesome music to have playing too. The range is eccentric, soft gentle strains followed by the occasional techno'ish type of dance music. Overall though, its the kind of music that you can sit back to and savor the pleasures of life - friends, family, a scotch or a well made Mojito and all things made of chocolate.

Sadly Buddha Bar is banned in SL for reasons I cannot fathom, fortunately the rest of the world is a little more tolerant.

My little player has been updated - thanks to Mak's {:-) - to include some Buddha Bar.



  1. Haha! Love the news playlist, Mr 'mysteriously brooding blogger'. ;D

  2. LOL Mak's - Isn't that a lovely description?!

  3. funny that you mention bb and sex. a friend of mine swears by it, saying it's the best aphrodisiac :D

    also, i had this same layout and everyone hated it. this looks really good though. i think its the picture on the side bar giving it a dash of colour that does it. not fair!

  4. LOL - some pics of your own then PP?

    Lust is actually the best aphrodisiac... the music,candles and the incense merely add to the atmosphere.