Sunday, February 22, 2009

Quick one

Accra, on the way home after a week on the road.

Lagos was productive, a set of reasonable meetings, I am becoming comfortable with that city now - familiarity breeding confidence!

I was witness to a marathon while I was there, organized by GLO, on of the celular networks here. Quite a spectacle to watch. Have pics!

This was at approximately the half way mark of a half marathon - 16km, fatigue kicking in

As time progressed, the number of walkers increased.

A marathon from the back!

Waiting for my connection. It seems that the last time I went by, I had not got an exit stamp on my passport. An eagle eyed immigration officer picked up on that ad began to set the ground for the offer of grease. Having a couple of hiurs to spare I decided not to corporate and very politly asked that they go onto the matter, that I did not mind waiting. I do, but dammit if I am going to get shaken down for this!

I was past through for exit.

It will be nice to be home again, thought I knwo that withing a few days I'll get the itch again. I need to go to Niger quite soon, the next trip then.

Before that though, I want to take a break, a few days off to go explore Burkina Faso - Bobo Dioulasso is the second largest city, about 350km away. The surrounding area offers some places of interest.

Till later...


  1. Hello so i am from Niger and i read on your blog that you are planning on going to Niger?
    what are you ggoing to NIger for
    email me at
    I also run the website

  2. Burkina Faso? You're going to explore Burkina Faso?
    I'm like, exhausted from repetitively finding new reasons to envy your life, man. :P