Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The next 24hrs

Me thinks that the events of the next 24hrs will be a fair indication of times to come...

So far I read that
  • Matara Wimalananda Thero of the Sri Bodhirajaaramaya Pirivena at Thambiligala at Nawalapitiya has been shot dead and that a Police curfew has been imposed in Gampola and Nawalapitiya
  • Rumours to the effect that the Election Commissioner, Dayananda Dissanayake has been detained.
  • That Mangala Samaraweera and Prebath Jayasekara of Matara, are being held under house arrest
  • Supposedly an unidentified group had shot at UNP Parliamentarian for Kurunegala Akila Viraj Kariyawasam this morning
  • Sarath Fonseka is appealing for people to come to Lake House

I want peace and prosperity for Sri Lanka,
for all of us, I hope for good governance by people with principles, with compassion and integrity, I hope for a better tomorrow...

Of more immediate importance is that as a result of a donation by someone who's not even a Sri Lankan"
...will pay for about 37 capillary dialyzers and 37 patients out of the sixty patients due tomorrow - travelling from all corners of the country - for dialysis at the Kandy Nephro Unit - will not be turned away"

Just when I lose my faith in the inherent goodness of people, I'm reminded that there are truly generous, good people out there, who in their own little way, can and do make a difference


  1. I hope Sarath gets lined up and shot.

  2. sore losers spreading rumors . not good .

  3. @ Anonymous: Your prerogative, but to me all life is sacred

    @ Sittingnut: Perhaps, sadly, our media is either biased or gagged, so its hard to really know whats truth and whats fiction

  4. Most are rumours. It's not helping things. The commissioner spoke to the nation on all the TV channels and declared MR the winner.

    I hope I can go to uni tomorrow without all this bullshit continuing... :/

  5. @ Chavie: The killing and SF's appeal are pretty much confirmed, 2nd and 3rd, well we'll never really know I guess...

  6. I saw the images of Akila's jeep having bullet holes in it, he wasn't hurt though. And the monk who died was an SLFP supporter who was killed when they tried to attack a bunch of UNP supporters, according to what I've heard.

    The commissioned also mentioned local council members from Anuradhapura and Puttlam who had interfered and disturbed the peace at polling booths.

    I hope that the SLRC, SLBC and ITN get sued for all the mud they slung during the elections. Sickening really! :/

  7. lol@ your credulity and willingness to spread falsehood