Thursday, January 28, 2010

Leave your comment it said

I was reading this post, I think it was about that cartoon Lion King, it was nice, very enlightening, so much so that I was prompted to add my two cents worth, after all, it was open to the public, I thought the author might like to see some dissenting comments.

So I did, making note of the little thingamy at the top where this specific blogger had requested that

"Have your say. Politeness and proper upbringing reflecting in your reply will be noted and much appreciated"

Fair enough really, after all we are all entitled to an opinion and in these times of enlightenment, the least one expects from anyone I suppose is politeness

But you know, being middle aged and with way too much time on my hands I've developed a sense of the person behind the words; and somehow this one did not quite jell together.

Never mind I thought, after all, comment's have been invited, else why blog and promote it - if you were narcissist and just liked the sound of your own voice, one would restrict ones public appearance's to singing in the bathroom and writing ones thoughts in toothpaste on the shaving mirror

So I did

Why then was I not too surprised when the response to my comment was in the style which I understand is quite popular in our parliament these days?

Actually, it was quite an eye-opener, obviously into the character of the author. I would have expected such a retort from someone who was either terribly constipated or at the least, had been shat upon by a very large elephant.

This then must be a "true" lion/lioness of Sri Lanka!
"Please f’off from my blog both of you. Piss off I say, I have nothing for you here."
It amazes me just how fast people revert to type specially when they have no real rational, 'adult' response to a situation - reaction, probably a knee jerk one, is to mouth foul language while spraying saliva all over the place... most uncouth

Somehow I don't think I'll be reading that blog again.... I would find it terribly painful to urinate while copulating for one thing, and seriously, just how seriously can you take someone who wont even abide by the very guidelines of his/ her own blog?

PS: You're all welcome to comment here, and you can be rude if you like, I'll probably just delete the really bad stuff, if any, without bothering to be rude right back at ya!!!


  1. If you've read his earlier posts you would understand DD's character. He claimed Sirasa deserved to be burnt down. He then posted a tirade after Mahinda after Lasantha was killed (a post that has since been removed). I think from the exchange it's obvious who is the grown up and who is the child/petulant teenager.

  2. ha ha. that thing about politeness and proper upbringing cracked me up.

    i wouldn't worry too much about him. such a nutjob. overseas patriots like him are a dime a dozen. the less the understand and acknowledge a different view, the more zealous they get.

  3. @ N: My thanks for the comment

    @ PP: Yeah, I've noticed that too - perhaps its nostalgia of times long gone... perhaps even a sense of shame at having fled for greener pastures

  4. I know this guy.
    He is going through a MAJOR identity crisis.
    Poor burger.
    I think your analysis of "shame at having fled.." suits him best.

    His banner changes almost on a daily basis and he does not publish comments that dis his writting style.

    He is a very confused little boy.