Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Of change

I've been following the writings of now for quite sometime with a growing sense of admiration for style content and bluntness.

Kudos indeed for voicing out in simple, precise language what I hope are the thoughts of a growing segment of Sri Lankans.

Indi's most recent post democracy-is-a-practice certainly articulates that nothing comes free, everything needs an effort, bringing to mind the words of a the fox in The Little Prince - that what makes something important is the time and effort spent on it.

Indi, may the force be with you and those who have the courage to stand up and speak. While my geographical location prevents me from being at Alexandra Circus this evening, my thoughts and spirit will most certainly be there. It is time to stand up, it is time to make a change in SL, not for the Sinhalese or the Tamils, the Burghers or the Muslims, not for any group, but for all of us, Sri Lankans!

The leaders we chose to lead our nation have corrupted, abused and raped what was indeed paradise - through thuggery and thievery, through greed and petty mindedness they have systematically torn everything that was good about Sri Lanka.

I was taught to worship the robe, not the person who wore it, a tradition form a time when a monk shunned all things material, lead by example, provided spiritual guidance to the populace. When I read about and see the wealth that is accumulated by the very people who are suppose to shun it, I am ashamed, ashamed that our society looks on in silence, even encourages such behavior from the ones who should know better. The day a monk sat in Parliament was the day that I stopped worshiping the robe, for I dont know whether its a a fox, a wolf or a sheep inside!

Nothing is irreversible, even this. All it takes, to use the thoughts of Edmund Burke, is for 'good men to do something'.

I hope there are more Indi's out there

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