Friday, March 13, 2009

Murder, murder, murder...

This latest news from home paints a terrible picture of the depth to which our society has sunk too.

Abducted girl found dead - Daily Mirror

That a five year old child was kidnapped for ransom terrible enough, that she was brutally killed within a few hours terrifies me - is this what our beautiful country has become?

Murder, rape, thuggery and sheer callous behavior seem to be the norm today rather than the exception - and we are all to blame, from the man who holds the highest office to the poorest of the poor, we are all responsible for this because we speak not what is good, what is right, we dare not stand up against evil.

We, the common man elected those that lead this country, we the common man turn a blind eye, grease a palm to ease our way, we the common may now reap what we sowed.

Its time to draw a line, its time to say enough, its time to do what you can, no matter how small, take that first step - get caught speeding, pay the damn fine, DON'T grease the corrupt cop who is willing to let you go for a few bucks. See someone jump a line yell blue murder! we have to start somewhere.

Wrong is wrong, whether its a solicited bribe, a speeding private bus, the assassination of a journalist, the thuggish behavior of a minister, the killing of an innocent child - we don't need to be a rocket scientist to know whats right or wrong

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