Sunday, March 1, 2009

"Not arrested as a journalist - Media Minister"

I picked this up of a paper this morning - how do people in such responsible positions say things like this?

The best is saved for last when our esteemed Media Minister goes on to say that an arrest of a non journalist is of no concern to the Media!

As for 'this could happen to anyone' true, but to add insult to injury by going on to state ".. me" is a class act indeed.

OH Sri Lanka!

Not arrested as a journalist - Media Minister

Media Minister Anura Priyadarshana Yapa commenting on the arrest said that Vidyatharan was arrested by police on suspicion and not due to his role as a journalist.

He said once the investigations and examinations are concluded, he may be charged if there is any cause for pressing charges.

He continued, "He is a suspect in the eyes of the investigating officer. When they arrested him, they didn't know he was an editor or a journalist. They only acted to find out clues with regards to any issue or crime. Everyone is equal according to the law. This could happen to you, me or anyone."

Yapa further said that Vidyatharan was not arrested due to being a journalist and as such, it was not an issue concerning the media.

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  1. how sad it is that this comes from none other than the guardian angel of all media interests.
    and yeah...the "me" just cracked me up too.who is he kidding?