Sunday, July 20, 2008

My dream

Absurd as it was, this was not only a dream that I remembered but one that left me curiously happy too!

A row of apartments constructed along the model of a train station(?!), housing residential as well as the commercial.

The obvious highlight was the anticipation of spending an evening with my dearest friend, who was visiting, staying over at my bachelor pad (those last few words crafted with care for they convey personal circumstances most desirable).

Interwoven into this tale was a discussion with my mater about my antique furniture, said furniture having been sold by her to make space for the arrival of my elder brother on a one day stay – that my furniture was retained by my ex three years ago was somehow an inconvenient reality.

So there I was, the proud owner of a apartment/ flat, independent in more ways than one, busy, coffee with my friend, all good.

That I forgot where my flat was, that my friend was already there, that the commercial tenants included a grocery and a meat shop were mere trimmings to a dream that put a smile on my face.

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